The Webb Index - English Counties

The Webb Index summarises research details accumulated over the years.  Click on the appropriate link below to see examples of index entries for some of the pre-1974 counties of England.  These extracts are snapshots which include only material added to the archive up to February 2005.  Nevertheless, they give an indication of the range of material on file.  Members are welcome to request up-to-date details at any time.

Bedfordshire     Berkshire     Buckinghamshire     Cambridgeshire     Cheshire     Cornwall     Derbyshire     Devon     Dorset     County Durham     Essex     Gloucestershire     Hampshire     Herefordshire     Hertfordshire     Huntingdonshire     Isle of Wight     Kent     Lancashire     Leicestershire     Lincolnshire     London     Middlesex     Norfolk     Northamptonshire     Nottinghamshire     Oxfordshire     Shropshire     Somerset     Staffordshire     Suffolk     Surrey     Sussex     Warwickshire     Wight, Isle of     Wiltshire     Worcestershire     Yorkshire