The Webb Index - Essex


The Webb One Name Register maintains a computerised index of research details accumulated over the years.  This page lists index entries made prior to February 2005 for Essex, England.

Each item is listed on a separate line, ending with its reference number.  Copies of records can be supplied to Register members for the cost of photocopying and postage.

ESSAllender, Mrs. B - researcher, n.d, 1991ENQ 8
ESSAshden - property owned by James of Littlebury 1770P01.26d
ESSAshdon - Family of Sarah WEBB & Thomas WOODLEY 1820+ENQ109
ESSAshdon - John WEBB = Mary SWANN, 1762229.96c
ESSAshdon - mar 1829-1831P01.11
ESSAshdon - will of John Webb n.d.P01.9
ESSAshdown - see Weston Colville, CAM, mar.1607-174219.21
ESSBartlow - land in B mentioned in will of John of AshdonP01.9
ESSBelmont Castle - "the elegant seat of Richard WEBB esq" 1836ENQ118
ESSBelmont Castle - Rd Webb mar. My Anne Greenhill post 18X15.2
ESSBillericay - Robert Chapman Webb V. of B 1865-77137.15g
ESSBlackmore - notes 1780-185136.1
ESSBocking - William Webbe, gent., lands, 1611 (1195)90.92
ESSBoxted - Richard Webb, tanner, fl. 1689229.67
ESSBradwell - Read fam. related to Nich Webb of Kelvedon,P01.24c
ESSBraintree - Chris Webb, Freeman of B, Mass. 1645 of ???90.8
ESSBraintree - Robert Chapman Webb, C. of B, 1854-7137.15g
ESSBrentwood - Arthur & William Webb in a Boy's Hone c.189043.3-5
ESSBrentwood - will of Robert Webb, yeoman, 1742P01.24a
ESSBurdeaux - Kent fam related to Webb of Gt. Chesterford,P01.27a
ESSChadwell - note re Thomas George Webb, born . c1817?200.9
ESSChadwell Heath - Horatio James Webb married Doris May J290.6
ESSChelmsford - George Henry WEBB = Elsie Maud WELCH, 1940450.1
ESSChelmsford - mar 1778P01.19
ESSClacton - A. WEBB on WW1 memorial137.336
ESSColchester - Albert Ernest WEBB on WW1 Roll of Honour137.336
ESSColchester - Ann Webb, of C., (1787-1862), m. Thomas BaG03.1
ESSColchester - Charles N.J. ?PERROTT? = Naomi WEBBER, 1898P06.1
ESSColchester - Ellen F. Massey daughter of George A Webb170.99i
ESSColchester - Eva Harriett Webb, born 1894 daughter of W190.1-3
ESSColchester - Eva Marion Webb born 1889 daughter of Will190.7
ESSColchester - F.W. WEBB on WW1 Roll of Honour137.336
ESSColchester - Isaac Webb, parish clerk, 1817-1834, law s190.11
ESSColchester - Jeremiah WEBB (groom) marr lic 1804399.18
ESSColchester - John Webbe of Northstrate, 1353141.4
ESSColchester - John, born .1564 at C, V. of Falkenham, SF137.15b
ESSColchester - notes on Record Office c1988141.5
ESSColchester - Webb and her son, fl.1636 (212)90.92
ESSColchester - will of Elizabeth Webb, widow, 1850P01.22c
ESSColchester - will of William Webb, coachman, 1766P01.25b
ESSColchester - will of William Webb, victualler, 1786P01.25e
ESSColchester - William Henry Webb [s of William] mar. Cat190.8
ESSColchester - William Hy Webb, born 1856, son of William190.9
ESSCold Norton - John Webb, R. of CN, 1593 [+ .15b]137.13f
ESSCranbrook - Marriage of Jessie WEBB & Harold Bishop, 1912137.416
ESSDagenham - George Charles Webb ob. c.1941271.1
ESSDedham - Capt. Webb, 1654 (1181)90.92
ESSDedham - John Webb's lands, pre 1599 (1166-7)90.92
ESSDedham - Mr. Webb, clothier, 1651 (1131)90.92
ESSDedham - notes 1381-1571192.21
ESSDedham - Robert Webb, fl.1640 (222)90.92
ESSDedham - Robert Webb, Presbyterian, 1640s137.269
ESSDedham - Robert Webb?, 1623 and 1625 (1189-1190)90.92
ESSDedham - Robert Webb?, fl.1643 (1178)90.92
ESSDenham - John Webb mar. Joane ....... fl.152690.87
ESSDovercourt - Thos Webb, agent for King, MAR?/1631SPD
ESSEarles Colne - Jane Webb born c.1865 dtr. of John280.1
ESSEarls Colne - mar 1840P01.13
ESSEast Donyland - John Webb, R, 1591, ob1610 [+ .13f]137.15b
ESSEast Ham - Samuel William Panaoti Webb, C. of EH, 1891-137.15g
ESSElmdon - property owned by James Webb, of Littlebury, 1P01.26d
ESSEpping - W.Webb, 22, convicy on "Stirling Castle", 1850137.191
ESSEssex - Mrs I.L.Williams, of I. of W., researcher C18/1137.121
ESSFinchingfield - will of John Webb, carrier & innkeeper,P01.22b
ESSFordham - Elizabeth Webb, of F, has a bastard by Willia141.4
ESSForest Gate - Charles Ford Webb, mortgage, 1889DOC 8
ESSFreeholders Book 1734 - indexed by parish253.6
ESSGrantham - William Henry Webb mar. Mary Eliz. Wilkinson160.1
ESSGrays - Mary Ann Webb mar. Thomas Ingram, 1825X15.2
ESSGrays - Richard Charles WEBB appointed Churchwarden 1848ENQ118
ESSGrays - Richard WEBB lived at Belmont Castle, 19thC140.3
ESSGrays - Robert Webb mar. Rebecca Burton 1818230.5
ESSGrays - Robert William Webb born 1822 of Robert & Rebec230.4
ESSGrays Thurock - bap 1797-1803X15.6
ESSGrays Thurrock - 1841 census return for Belmont Castle140.3
ESSGrays Thurrock - Jane Sarah WEBB = James HELME 1833140.3
ESSGrays Thurrock - Jane Sarah WEBB = James HELME 1833ENQ118
ESSGrays Thurrock - Mary Anne WEBB = Thomas INGRAM 1825140.3
ESSGrays Thurrock - Mary Anne WEBB = Thomas INGRAM 1825ENQ118
ESSGreat Bardfield - Robert Chapman Webb, C.of GB, 1862-5137.15g
ESSGreat Chesterford - bap 1789-97, mar 1737, bur1720-42,P01.14+
ESSGreat Chesterford - John cousin to Eliz of Safrn WaldenP01.26a
ESSGreat Chesterford - John Webb agent, freeholder 1734253.6
ESSGreat Chesterford - will of Thomasine Webb, widow, 1773P01.27a
ESSGreat Dumnow - notes & pedigree C19174.2
ESSGreat Sampford - Rev. John Webb, Minister, born .Calne,34.9
ESSGreat Tey - Sarah Webb mar. Dan Honeyball 1780, ob 1843X17.1
ESSGreat Wakering - Messrs Webb & Harvey, grocers 1863-77118.1
ESSGreat Wakering - Mr. John Webb, freeholder 1734253.6
ESSGreat Wakering - will of John Webb, grocer, 1723P01.21a
ESSGreat Wygberow - Robert Webbe, demised land 151019.5
ESSGreenstead Green - notes 1870+O02.1
ESSGt. Dunmow - Francis WEBB awarded Dunmow Flitch, 1893101.15
ESSHadleigh - John Webb of H, Leigh, S Benfleet, Gt WakeinC01.1
ESSHadleigh - pedigree 1819-2256.2
ESSHadleigh - William Webb, "cottages in H", 1800P01.24b
ESSHalstead - James Farrow Chaplin mar. Jane Webb, 1886280.1
ESSHalstead - John Webb, V. of H, 1642137.13f
ESSHarlow - Read Webb, will, 1803-11107.11
ESSHarlow - Vincent Webb born here, fl. 1994 Redruth, CON278.1
ESSHarwich - Thos Webb, agent for King, MAR?/1631SPD
ESSHarwich - Thos Webb, town clerk & steward, 1632, pp.274SPD
ESSHatfield Peverel - will of William Webb, yeoman, 1783P01.25d
ESSHedingham Sible - John Webb, sold goods pre 165390.86
ESSHelcombe Bumpstead - mar 1809P01.11
ESSHeydon - Samuel William Panaoti Webb, C. of H, 1872-4137.15g
ESSHigh Ongar - George Harold Webb ob1891 son of Geo of Hy137.15e
ESSHockley - will of James Webb, shoemaker, 1729P01.29d
ESSHockrell - Ed Orwell cousin to Eliz Webb of Saf. Wald.P01.26a
ESSHornchurch - John & Alexr Gunn grdsons of Hy Webb of RoP01.23c
ESSIckleton - Tinworth fam related to Jas W. of LittleburyP01.26d
ESSIckleton - Webbs related to Webb of Gt Chesterford 1773P01.27a
ESSIlford - Reuben Webb, painter fl.1890 [.3, 18]229
ESSKelvedon - Mrs. Anderson of Welwyn Garden City, researcG.89
ESSKelvedon - Nathan Webb brother of William of RivenhallP01.25a
ESSKelvedon - will of Nathan Webb, senior, farmer, 1768P01.25c
ESSKelvedon - will of Nicholas Webb, yeoman, 1724P01.24c
ESSKelvedon - will of Patrick Webb, innkeeper, 1797P01.25f
ESSKelvedon - will of William Webb, farmer, 1812P01.22a
ESSKneadham - Thomas Webb, husbandman 1729P01.23d
ESSLatchingdon - Elizabeth Ellis [nee Webb] ob1804X31.1
ESSLayer Breton - Charles WEBB born c.1819476.1
ESSLeigh - Gillman fam. related to John Webb of ThundersleP01.24b
ESSLeigh - John Webb, grdson of John of Thundersley, 1800P01.24b
ESSLeigh - mar 1774-77P01.13
ESSLeigh - Rev. John Webb born c1823, ob1890 Union St, WorX16.1
ESSLeigh-on-Sea - Henry Alfred WEBB d. 1957360.6b
ESSLeigh-on-Sea - Sidney Hastings Webb & Marion St.J, fl cshelf
ESSLexden - The Chequers owned by William Webb of ColchestP01.25e
ESSLeyton - Stanley Percy Webb, post WWII-1961/2 & notes283.6
ESSLeytonstone - Hannah Margt Webb born 1842 to Thomas & M210.2
ESSLilian Blanche WEBB = Reginald PUMMELL, 1950Enq 167
ESSLittle Braxted - Christopher Webb, R. of LB, resigned,137.13e
ESSLittle Chesterford - mar 1734-39P01.14
ESSLittle Laver - will of William Webb n.d.P01.6
ESSLittle Waltham - Robert Chapman Webb, C. of LW, 1857-62137.15g
ESSLittlebury - bap 1834P01.8
ESSLittlebury - bur 1720-45P01.15
ESSLittlebury - James Livermac mar. Frances Webb 1718287.1
ESSLittlebury - property owned by Chas of Saffron Walden 1P01.26b
ESSLittlebury - will of James Webb, yeoman, 1770P01.26d
ESSLittlebury - will of Thomas Webb 1728P01.9
ESSMarriage Licences 1698-1838 (female), 1727-51 (male)P01.16+
ESSMersea West - Webbs oyster dredgers & freeholders 1734253.6
ESSMilton - Mr. John Webb, freeholder 1734253.6
ESSMilton in Prittlewell - will of Mary Webb, spinster, 17P01.21c
ESSNazeing - Joseph Webb, bapt 1833, son of Chas & Mary185.1
ESSNazeing - Thomas Webb, grocer, freeholder, 1734253.6
ESSNazine - Mr.B.F.Burton, Woodford Green, ESS researcher137.43
ESSNewport - bur 1777P01.12
ESSNorth Benfleet - will of Robert Webb, husbandman, 1742P01.21b
ESSOrsett - Evelyn G. Webb. born 1912 of Albert William &P02.1
ESSPaglesham - Francis Webb, R, 1628-41, ob.1641 [+ .13f]137.15a
ESSPeldon - Thomas Webbe, demised land 151019.5
ESSPlaistow - William Henry Webb born 1870 of Richard & Ra350.2
ESSPrittlewell - see also Milton in P.
ESSPrittlewell - will of Samuel Webb, yeoman, 1726P01.23b
ESSPurleigh - will of Samuel Webb, 1761P01.21e
ESSRadwinter - land in Rector mentioned in will of John ofP01.9
ESSRainham - will of William Webb, 1732P01.23e
ESSRawreth - John Blakey grdson of John Webb of ThundersleP01.24b
ESSRawreth - mar 1765-71P01.13
ESSRayleigh - Annie E. Webb, born c1852, daughter of Rev JX16.1
ESSRayleigh - Charles Henry Webb Fl.WWII, had a son Willia242.5
ESSRayleigh - mar 1757-65P01.13
ESSRayleigh - will of Rebecca Webb, 1753P01.21d
ESSRichard WEBB born c1770ENQ118
ESSRivenhall - Ann Matthews daughter of Nich Webb of KelveP01.24c
ESSRivenhall - bap 1733-35P01.12
ESSRivenhall - Mrs. Anderson of Welwyn Garden City, researG.89
ESSRivenhall - will of William Webb, yeoman, 1750P01.25a
ESSRochford - Thomas Webb, grocer of R, mentioned in willP01.21a
ESSRochford - will of Thomas Webb, grocer, 1733P01.23a
ESSRomford - Haydon W.W. Webb mar. Dorothy May Clark 1927229.15
ESSRomford - John Bert Webb married Phyllis Cole, 1940290.6
ESSRomford - Mrs. I. Webb, Stanley Close, researcher fl. 1260.41
ESSRomford - notes 1937-85 [originally from HAM]38.*
ESSRomford - will of Henry Webb, 1728P01.23c
ESSSaffron Walden - bap 1733-41, 1824-31.P01.8+
ESSSaffron Walden - bur 1760-76, mar 1825P01.15
ESSSaffron Walden - ch. of Rd.& Eliz. (nee Kinge), 1663 no192.2
ESSSaffron Walden - Muriel Elizabeth WEBB d.1996 260.87
ESSSaffron Walden - notes 1701/2-1765229.67
ESSSaffron Walden - pedigree & notes late C1854.*
ESSSaffron Walden - Richard Webb mar. Eliz King, 1663192.13
ESSSaffron Walden - will of Charles Webb, gent, 1759P01.26b
ESSSaffron Walden - will of Elizabeth Webb, widow, 1754P01.26a
ESSSaffron Walden - will of Sophia Webb, widow, 1761P01.26c
ESSSaffron Walden - will of William Webb, the elder, groceP01.22d
ESSShenfield - John & George Long grdsons of Hy Webb of RoP01.23c
ESSSilverton West Ham - Mrs. Saxby of Harpenden, researcheG.89
ESSSouth Chingford - Edward Raymond Webb mar. Enid Ashwell283.6
ESSSouth Weald - will of John Webb, yeoman, 1762P01.21f
ESSSouthend - Sidney Algernon Webb ob.1901, notes on famil232.3
ESSSouthend-on-Sea - Anthony Howard WEBB = Geraldine B. LAW 195360.6c
ESSSouthend-on-Sea - Derrick Geoffrey Webb born .1926300.1
ESSSouthend-on-Sea - Henry Alfred WEBB = Gertrude Sheppard 1917360.6b
ESSSouthwold - Robert Webb mar. Alice Smith, 167945.8
ESSStratford - Arthur Webb, Shop & Office Fitter, envelopeDOC47
ESSTendring - Ernest G. WEBB = Olive A. PUMMELL, 1937Enq 167
ESSTey - Jane Webb born c.1865 dtr. of John280.1
ESSThaxted - Henry Webb, will 1803-11107.11
ESSThaxted - notes on John Webb, landowner C19160.2
ESSThaxted - Thomas Webb, 39 in 1828, 10th RegtB02.3
ESSThaxted - will of Henry Webb, innkeeper, 1777P01.27b
ESSTheydon Bois - Richard WEBB = Susanna SANDERS 1781ENQ118
ESSThomas Webb - re 200 soldiers, levied in ESS, 22/JAN/16SPD
ESSThundersley - will of John Webb, farmer, 1800P01.23b
ESSTolleshunt Darcey - William & William Webb, wills, 1803107.11
ESSUlting - will of William Webb, yeoman, 1736P01.24d
ESSWalden - John & Susannah WEBB settlement certificate, 1720229.96a
ESSWalden - Josaphat Webb, fl.1588, witness (52)90.92
ESSWaltham - Thomas Webb, grocer, freeholder 1734253.6
ESSWaltham Abbey - Alice Webb mar. John Havers, 168045.8
ESSWaltham Abbey - James Haken Webb (1879-1933) later of NG01.1
ESSWaltham Abbey - Jn, 54 in 1823, 17th RegtB02.2
ESSWaltham Cross - John Webb, P.C. of WC, 1584137.15a
ESSWalthamstow - Stanley Percy Webb mar. Esther Hammond 19283.6
ESSWanstead - Amy Emma WEBB - orphanage application 1885Doc 100
ESSWEBB references in Victoria County History137.403
ESSWeeley - John Webb, (wife Elizabeth), transported to TA137.11h
ESSWenden Lofts - property owned by James Webb of LittlebuP01.26d
ESSWendens Ambo - bap 1779-85, bur 1807-30P01.15
ESSWendons Ambo - pedigree & notes c1776-182654.*
ESSWest Ham - Alfred WEBB = Hanna READER, 1869421.9
ESSWest Ham - Alice M.F. WEBB = Frederick Walter PUMMELL, 1912Enq 167
ESSWest Ham children of Francis William Webb born 1901-19315.2
ESSWest ham - Rachel WEBB = Richard WEBB 1868350.3
ESSWest Ham - Richard born c.1847 son of William350.2
ESSWest Ham - Richard WEBB = Rachel WEBB 1868350.3
ESSWest Thurrock - Robert Webb bap. 1791 of Robert & Eliza230.5
ESSWills - list of 1400-1858137.53
ESSWimbish - Thomas Franklyn kinsman to Jas Webb of LittleP01.26d
ESSWitham - Mrs. Anderson of Welwyn Garden City, researcheG.89
ESSWitham - Roger Webb, V. of W, 1617137.13g
ESSWitham - Sgt C Webb, A.P. Cable Section RE, awarded MM137.103
ESSWitham - William Henry Webb, born 1836, son of WilliamX14.1
ESSWivenhoe - Sarah Willis neice of William Webb of ColcheP01.25e
ESSWoodford - Pte G.F. WEBB kia Tunisia 1943137.368(152)
ESSWoodford Green - Alan WEBB, formerly of, d. 1996260.64
ESSWoodham Ferrers - Francis Webb, R. of WF, 1627137.13f
ESSWoodham Ferrers - Francis Webb, R. of WF, 1627-41, ob.1137.15a