The Webb Index - Herefordshire


The Webb One Name Register maintains a computerised index of research details accumulated over the years.  This page lists index entries made prior to February 2005 for Herefordshire, England.

Each item is listed on a separate line, ending with its reference number.  Copies of records can be supplied to Register members for the cost of photocopying and postage.

HEFActon Beauchamp - James executed for stealing fron AB 1137.10b
HEFBromesberrow - Elias John Webb c1870137.15e
HEFBromyard - pedigree 1832-66326.3
HEFBromyard - William Webb preb 1507137.13j
HEFBurghill - Arthur William Webb born 1875 son of Thomas326.3
HEFClodock - Clara WEBB b. after 1890461.1
HEFClodock - Edith WEBB b. 1888461.1
HEFClodock - Emily WEBB b. 1890461.1
HEFClodock - Louisa WEBB b. 1890461.1
HEFDonnington - Rd Fredk Webb born c1832 son of Rd of D, a137.13d
HEFDonnington Hall - Frances Anne Webb mar. Watson Jos Tho19.4
HEFDonnington Hall - Lineage of Richard Frederick WEBB d. 1920437.8
HEFDonnington Hall - Maxwell Frederick Webb son of Rd Fdk,137.144
HEFDonnington Hall - Rd Webb c1795-1871 son of Francis of137.13c
HEFDonnington Hall - Rd Webb, Esq., his crest C19137.141
HEFEaton Bishop - Elizabeth WEBB = Mansell POWELL 1857ENQ94
HEFHagley - Mr. Thomas Webb, deceased, list of leases, 188DOC58
HEFHay-on-Wye - William Chas Webb mar. Emily G. Pembridge,247.4
HEFHereford - Elizabeth PARRETT = Thomas WEBB, 1797P06.1
HEFHereford - Mrs. M. Newlove, 1993, researcher, pre C20th27.1
HEFHereford - notes C2034.4
HEFHereford - Thomas Webb, born 1812, J.P. & D.L. (post 18137.134
HEFHereford - Thomas William Webb preb of H 1882137.13d
HEFHereford - William WEBB Archdeacon 1522137.294
HEFHereford - William Webb canon 1508, archdeacon 1511-23137.13j
HEFHereford Cathedral - Pte.Thos.Webb, m.i., c.1900, S.Afr137.175
HEFHolmer - Roland John Webb, k in a, 191840.4
HEFInkbarrow - William Webb preb of I 1512137.13j
HEFIvington - Emily Webb (nee Evans) died c.1942326.3
HEFIvington - Marjory Webb born 1907 dtr. of Arthur Willia326.3
HEFKimbolton - Ivy May Webb born 1909 dtr. of Arthur Willi326.3
HEFKing's Pyon House - notes on Webb fam C19137.15e
HEFKing's Pyon House - notes re Webb later Webb-Peploe C19137.15f
HEFKingsland - Wilfred Henry Webb born 1907 son of Arthur326.3
HEFLawton - Thomas Webb (born 1847) died c.1907, and pedig326.3
HEFLedbury - William Webb portioner of Overhall 1515-23137.13j
HEFLeominster - Arthur William Webb mar. Emily Evans, 1899326.3
HEFLeominster - Jas, esq app 1813107.24
HEFLeominster - Jn, 40 in 1814, 7th RegtB02.2
HEFLinton - Amos Webb born c1818, pedigree of descendants39.1
HEFLinton Bromyard - Thomas Webb mar. Elizabeth Green, 183G.65
HEFLugwardine - correspondence relating to estate of Thomas L. WEBB 1886-88Doc 75
HEFLugwardine - Papers relating to the estate of Thomas Lewis WEBB 1880sDoc 77
HEFLugwardine - Probate papers relating to Thomas Lewis WEBB, 1884Doc 80
HEFLugwardine - Report re. Tenancy 1885Doc 72
HEFLugwardine - T.L. WEBB - probate papers, 1884DOC 128
HEFLugwardine - Thomas Lewis WEBB - papers re. Probate 1880sDoc 98
HEFLugwardine - Thomas Lewis WEBB - papers re. Probate 1880sDoc94
HEFLugwardine - Thomas Lewis WEBB probate 1884Doc 71
HEFLugwardine - Thomas Lewis Webb, documents, 19CDOC33,35,37-39,49-55
HEFLugwardine - Thomas Webb, lease, 1881DOC 23
HEFMadley - pedigree 1870-1890326.3
HEFMichael Church - Richard of MC apprentices his son HughH01.11
HEFMoreton Magna - William Webb preb 1512-23137.13j
HEFMuch Burch - notes 1800-1822M02.1
HEFNorman R. Jones - researcher contacted WONR 4.4.94ENQ58
HEFPark - William Webb Rector of Free Chapel 1511137.13j
HEFRev John WEBB, antiquary, presented pps in British Library, 1837 - 1841137.383
HEFRoss - Thomas William Webb c1807-85 son of John of R, c137.13d
HEFRoss - Thomas William Webb, astronomer, son of John bor170.26k
HEFRoss - William Webb Rector of Rector 1516137.13j
HEFRoss-on-Wye - Reuben Sampson Webb died 1938O3.3
HEFSarnesfield Court - Thomas Webb-Weston, Esq., his crest137.141
HEFSarnesfield Place - John Webb s.of John the younger of137.183
HEFSarnsfield Court - grant of arms, London GazetteENQ69
HEFSarnsfield Court - Webb pedigree pre 1839137.155
HEFSt Margarets - Thomas WEBB = Martha WILLIAMS, 1888461.1
HEFStanford Bishop - John Webb mar. Sarah Davis, 1797 and326.3
HEFStoke Edith - James s. of James, invented gas lighting40.43
HEFTretire with Michaelchurch - John Webb c1776-1869 Recto137.13c
HEFUpton Bishop - Thomas Robert Webb died 1922ENQ 9
HEFWeston Under Pennyard - William Webb bound to serve in137.92
HEFWhitbourne - pedigree 1801-15326.3