The Webb Index - Norfolk


The Webb One Name Register maintains a computerised index of research details accumulated over the years.  This page lists index entries made prior to February 2005 for Norfolk, England.

Each item is listed on a separate line, ending with its reference number.  Copies of records can be supplied to Register members for the cost of photocopying and postage.

NFKAntingham - William Rector of A 1718-54137.15b
NFKAttleborough - Maxwell Fredk Webb, Vicar & Lord of mano137.144
NFKBabingly - Adam Rector of B 1650137.15a
NFKBarton - John Webb born ? at B, mar Mary Bone at Swaffh44.2
NFKBedingham - William WEBB = Harriet BANHAM, 1835417.2
NFKBeeston - Elsie, 86, hangliding in 1989137.62
NFKBurlingham - George William s. of George A. & Harriet W296.1
NFKBurston - Esau WEBB bur. 1844433.1
NFKCromer - Andrew Morrell of Devon, 1992, researcher, 20C246.6
NFKCromer - Frederick Webb, ob. in naval hostel, post WWII271.1
NFKCromer - John Craske Webb born 1789100.*
NFKCromer - John Craske Webb born 1789, ob186525.5
NFKDitchingham - William WEBB born c1816417.2
NFKEast Dereham - Andrew Morrell of Devon, 1992, researche246.6
NFKEast Dereham - Hy, 40 in 1823, 24th RegtB02.2
NFKEdward Webb - son of William of N at CAM 1601137.15a
NFKErsham - James Webb witness 159919.5
NFKFlemingham - William Rector of F 1722-54137.15b
NFKGarveston - John Blurton Webb, curate of G 1845-6137.15f
NFKGreat Wacton - Rev Richard Lacey WEBB, preentation to rectory, 1936Doc 92
NFKGreat Yarmouth - Eva Marion Lark [nee Webb], 1919190.5
NFKGt. Yarmouth - William WEBB = Georgianna ANDREWS 1871473.1
NFKHemsby - George Webb-Allen born 1866 son of Geo J Allen100.*
NFKHolt - James Michael Webb, warrant, 1852DOC 19
NFKKings Lynn - Derrick Howell WEBB d.1995260.79
NFKKnettishall - Letter 1920Doc 103
NFKLakenham - William born c1690 (ob1754) son of Edmnd, br137.15b
NFKLetheringsett - John Marshall Webb Rector of L 1872137.13c
NFKLittle Brandon - Jesop Rector of LB 1674-1710137.15a
NFKLowestoft - Christopher Webb, coastguard 1847-1850L06.2+5
NFKLynn - Addison Webb, 33 in 1819, 52nd RegtB02.2
NFKMelton Constable - LAC WEBB in aircraft loss Feb 1940364.7
NFKMorningthorpe - William, curate of M 1716137.15b
NFKMorrell, A.N. - of Torquay, 1993 researcher, pre 1993100.5
NFKNetesheard - The manor of N purchased by William Webb 1137.122
NFKNorth Tuddenham - Jesop Rector of NT 1687-1710137.15a
NFKNorwich - Albert William Rupert WEBB d.1996260.87
NFKNorwich - Bernard WEBB, Constable 1683137.297
NFKNorwich - Harriet WEBB d.1995260.87
NFKNorwich - John s.of William the elder of Saffron WaldenP01.22d
NFKNorwich - John Webb born c.1806, fl. Coreley c.1829-187265.1+5
NFKNorwich - John WEBB, Councillor, 1733-43137.297
NFKNorwich - John WEBB, Poor Guardian 1793 - 1812137.297
NFKNorwich - Roy Webb, mechanic 1979-1994, article260.31
NFKNorwich - Sophia Webb born c.1852 & notes270.1
NFKNorwich - William born c1690 at Lakenham son of Edmund,137.15b
NFKPaston - William, curate of P c1754137.15b
NFKPattesley - Thomas Udney Webb, born 1814 son of Thomas71.2
NFKRoydon c, m, b 1559-1837137.98
NFKRuston - PRs 1707-1837none
NFKSandringham - Adam Rector of S 1649137.15a
NFKSanton - survey corrected by William Webb 180519.5
NFKShadwell - Thomas Geo Webb born c1817 son of Jos Foster200.7
NFKShottisham - The manor of S purhcased by William Webb 1137.122
NFKStalham - John Craske Webb (1789-1865) lived at S C1925.5
NFKStalham - Mary Anne Georgiana WEBB mortgage 1867Doc 69
NFKStalham - Mary Anne Georgiana WEBB, recovery & release 1867Doc 89
NFKStalham - notes C19100.*
NFKSwaffham - Edmd, 25 in 1819, 32rd RegtB02.2
NFKThetford - Richard Radford WEBB = Harriet LAKE, 1832229.94a
NFKThorpe Abbotts - George Rector of TA 1566137.15a
NFKWatton - John Webb bp1825 at W son of Jn, ob1885 Covent44.2
NFKWaybourne - William Webb, farmer, lease, 1823DOC61
NFKWelborne - Jesop Rector of W 1673-88137.15a
NFKWelcomb - John Nanfan Webb born c1814 son of Thomas of137.13c
NFKWeston - Ralph Webb Rector of W 1758137.13c
NFKWood Dalling - William Holloway Webb, curate of WD 1857137.13d
NFKWorsted - notes C19100.*
NFKYarmouth - Eva Marion Lark [nee Webb] of 54 Caister Rd,190.4
NFK Norwich - Thomas WEBB, Councillor 1568 - 74137.297