The Webb Index - Northamptonshire


The Webb One Name Register maintains a computerised index of research details accumulated over the years.  This page lists index entries made prior to February 2005 for Northamptonshire, England.

Each item is listed on a separate line, ending with its reference number.  Copies of records can be supplied to Register members for the cost of photocopying and postage.

NTHAbington - ? John Webb mentioned in will of 1739116.1
NTHAshton - Mrs D.Ansell, Welling, KEN researcher C18/19137.43
NTHAynho - Nelson fam related to Patrick Webb of ColchesteP01.25f
NTHBarby - John WEBB born 1831357.1
NTHBlisworth - Geo Webb [s of Thos] mar. My Dunkley 1857X52.1
NTHBrackley - Mr & Mrs Fitter of Keynsham, researcher C19137.121
NTHBrington - note late C18191.2
NTHByfield - removal order to Fenny Compton, WAR 1804137.27O
NTHCranford - John Webb, C. of St John's, C 1625137.15b
NTHCranford - John Webb, R. of C St. John's 1625137.13f
NTHCriek - Mary Webb, wid, removal to C from Hillmorton, W82.7
NTHCulworth - Joseph Webb, R. of C 1852-4137.13c
NTHCulworth - Margaret Webb mar. John Brocklis 1665W01.1
NTHCulworth - notes C19191.*
NTHDaventry - Geo Webb [s of William] mar. Carrie Webb 191X52.1
NTHFloore - notes 1777-1800191.2+4
NTHFlore - John WEBB born 1800408.3
NTHGayton - pedigree late C18 early C19X52.1
NTHGeorge Thomas Webb - Pte, ob 1942137.39
NTHGreat Brington - John WEBB = Mary ELLIOT, 1828408.3
NTHHinton - notes early C19191.2
NTHHinton in the Hedges - notes 1804-41191.2-4
NTHHoldenby - Eliz Webb mar. John Hornsey 180437a.1
NTHHoxton - Frederick son of Thomas & Anne Webb, bap 184143.11d
NTHKilsby - Jean McLaughlin, researcher, 1993266.1+3
NTHKilsby - Joseph WEBB born 1803357.1
NTHLittle Creaton - notes 1779-184737a.2
NTHMaidford - John White=Anne Webb, 1711217.1-3
NTHMarston St.Lawrence - John Osborn mar. Sarah Webb 183743.11d
NTHNorthampton - George W.H.Webb, DD, Catholic Dir., 193840.36
NTHNorthampton - J.Webb, 20, convict on "Stirling Castle",137.191
NTHPassenham - John Marshall Webb, C. of P 1850-3137.13c
NTHPottersbury - William Webb of P mar. My Manton 1764 at47.11
NTHPotterspury - Alice WEBB, deed of arrangement, 1860DOC 126
NTHPreston Capes - George Webb, V. of PC 1605-37 where bur137.15a
NTHRaunds - Hannah Webb mar. John Skinner 1816M01.1
NTHStaverton - Children of John & Mary WEBB, 19thC408.3
NTHStaverton - Descendants of Henry WEBB, 19thC408.4
NTHStaverton - Descendants of Henry WEBB, 19thC408.5
NTHStaverton - Member has WEBB research interests408.1
NTHWebb - clergyman of NTH, 11/OCT/1627SPD
NTHWelboro - Jn, 42 in 1816, 82nd RegtB02.3
NTHWellingborough - Walter Webb (born at a place unknown 1348.1
NTHWilby - Edward Raymond Webb, evacuee 1939/40283.6
NTHWinwick - C19 M.I.191.8
NTHWoodford - Webb, niece of Dame Sibilla St. John, 1651 (p.1425)90.92
NTHYelverton - William Webb of Gramley, NTT mar. Eliz. FacG.37