The Webb Index - Oxfordshire


The Webb One Name Register maintains a computerised index of research details accumulated over the years.  This page lists index entries made prior to February 2005 for Oxfordshire, England.

Each item is listed on a separate line, ending with its reference number.  Copies of records can be supplied to Register members for the cost of photocopying and postage.

OXFBanbury - Sam Webb born c1615 son of Thomas of B, pleb137.13g
OXFBarwick - Jn, 44 in 1818, 23rd DB02.2
OXFBeversham - notes mid to late C1969.1+2
OXFBicester - Stephen Webb, SJ, Catholic Dir., 193840.36
OXFBletchingdon - Erasmus Webb Rector of O 1583137.13e
OXFBloxham - Frederick Webb c.1842-1922ENQ34
OXFBurcot - George Webb born 1831, fl. Swindon 1881241.1
OXFCaversham - Ada Elizabeth WEBB born c1873/4315.8
OXFCaversham - Albert Edwin WEBB, harnessmaker315.8
OXFCaversham - Edith May WEBB b 16 Sep 1870315.8
OXFChadlington - Jean Mary WEBB (late of) d. 1995260.86
OXFChipping Norton - Arthur Webb born 1867 son of Reuben &88.1
OXFChipping Norton - Austin Webb born 1863 (s of Alfred A.137.144
OXFChipping Norton - George Webb, k in a, 191640.41
OXFClifden Hamden - M.I.s 1904-1984260.38
OXFCombe - P.R.s 1646-1874280.12
OXFDaniel Webb - mayor of Oxford, 1714137.183
OXFDeddington - Lucy WEBB = Thomas GIBBARD 1792ENQ101
OXFDescendants of John S WEBB (b 1620)140.4
OXFDorchester - Henry Cowperthwaite Webb born c1836 son of137.15d
OXFDunsden - Frederick T. WEBB, 1914-18 War Memorial260.74
OXFDunsden Green - pedigree 18-19C340.3
OXFEdward Webb - born c1568 at OXF 1581137.13e
OXFEynsham - Percival Robert Webb 1873-1920, notes283.6
OXFFaringdon - Peter Cowderoy Webb born 1909 of George C.258.2
OXFFoscott - indenture re Idbury and Hawten Webb, 1703DOC 5
OXFFoscott - Martha Webb, 1731DOC 29
OXFFoscott - William Webb of Oxford receipt under will ofDOC 4
OXFGoring - Robert Webb mar. Elizabeth Jones 1784219.24
OXFGreat Haseley - David Thomas George WEBB born 1894ENQ128
OXFGreat Haseley - Frederick WEBB = Phoebe Mercy STEPTOE 1893ENQ128
OXFHailey - note C19178a.1
OXFHailey see Witney283.6
OXFHarpsden - John Webb Vicar of H 1614137.13f
OXFHearth Tax 1665137.128
OXFHenley - Miss Doris Margaret WEBB, 1939DOC 111
OXFHenley - note C19?115.1
OXFHenley on Thames - Robert Webb, shipbuilder, 1890S08.12
OXFHenley-on-Thames - John Webb born c1624 son of John of137.15b
OXFHighmoor - Harry Webb, d of w, 191740.41
OXFHolton - Walter Joseph Webb, k in a, 191540.41
OXFIpsden - John Webb, yeoman will 177990.54
OXFKencot - Charles Webb, 1810-1870, morris dancerENQ34
OXFKencot - notes on family 1792-1843140.2
OXFKilbride - Jn, 33 in 1815, 5th DGB02.2
OXFLeafield - P.R.s 1784-1983280.13
OXFLincoln College - Josaphat Webb, late student, 12/APR/1SPD
OXFMilton - James Webb, k in a, 191640.4
OXFMinster Lovell - P.R.s 1656-1973280.13
OXFNew College - Richard Webb chaplain of NC c1796 (s of R137.13c
OXFNew Yatt - note C19178a.1
OXFNorth Leigh - note C19178a.1
OXFNorthleigh - Jesse Cox married Fanny Webb (daughter ofENQ52
OXFOxford - Article by Andrew WEBB about MBA studies July 1998260.54
OXFOxford - Charles Webb born c1723 son of Trevor of O, ge137.13b
OXFOxford - Dennis Webb mar. Nesta [blank] 6 May 1944260.34
OXFOxford - Ernest Walter Webb born c1866 son of Geo Walte137.13c
OXFOxford - George Webb born c1653 son of Richard137.13f
OXFOxford - John Webb mar. Diana Cooke, 1821 & notes183.6
OXFOxford - note C19?115.1
OXFOxford - Philip Webb 1831-1915, Architect born in O170.26b
OXFOxford - Rd Webb born c1648137.13g
OXFOxford - Rev John Webb born c1746 son of John of O, gen137.13c
OXFOxford - Spencer Perceval Speakman Webb born c1834 son137.13d
OXFOxford - Thomas born c1696 son of Dan of St. Mary's137.13d
OXFOxford - William Webb receipt under will of Hawtin WebbDOC 4
OXFParish Records - list of Webb refs held by T Newbold 1950.*
OXFShiplake - pedigree 18-19C340.3
OXFShiplake-on-Thames - Brian Harrison Webb, Middle Temple137.194
OXFShipton - William Webbe, gent, re land 165619.5
OXFStanton Harcourt - John Webb of SH m Ez Latharum of Wyt62.2
OXFStanton St John - Sarah Ann WEBB bapt 1857ENQ145
OXFStokenchurch - William Webb born c1827 at S?, son of Ge20.1
OXFSwalcliffe - Caleb WEBB bapt 1830ENQ107
OXFSwalcliffe - Joshua & Betty WEBB emigrate to Michigan c.1853ENQ107
OXFSwalcliffe - Joshua WEBB = Betty HITCHMAN 1825ENQ107
OXFSwalcliffe - Mary WEBB bapt 1826ENQ107
OXFTadmarton - William WEBB accounts, 1731DOC 122
OXFWallingford - Mary WEBB d. 1836297.9
OXFWardington - William Webb born c1706 son of William of137.13d
OXFWheatfield - Florence Louisa WEBB born 1895ENQ128
OXFWidford - Thomas Webb born c1620 son of William of W, g137.13h
OXFWigginton - Daniel WEBB bapt 1743ENQ166
OXFWilliam Webb - at OXF 1581 aged 17 of O, pleb137.13h
OXFWitney - notes 1760-1800283.6
OXFWitney - notes 1788+283.1
OXFWooton - Webb family fl. 1990s283.6