The Webb Index - Shropshire


The Webb One Name Register maintains a computerised index of research details accumulated over the years.  This page lists index entries made prior to February 2005 for Shropshire, England.

Each item is listed on a separate line, ending with its reference number.  Copies of records can be supplied to Register members for the cost of photocopying and postage.

SALBetton-under-Lyme - pedigree c.1500-1665G.51
SALBridgenorth - Richard son of Ralph of B apprenticed 154H01.11
SALCaptain Matthew WEBB channel swimmer196.49
SALCastle Church - Grant of Arms to John Henson WEBB, 1861137.411
SALCheswardine - Eliz Webb mar Robt Robbins 176028.1
SALCleobury North - Rev John Blurton WEBB, draft conveyance 1858Doc 91
SALCleobury North - Rev John Blurton WEBB conveyance 1859Doc 82
SALCold Hatton - Children born to John WEBB JP between 1786 & 1351.6
SALCold Hatton - James WEBB became publican of Seven Stars351.6
SALCold Hatton - James WEBB of, marr in Stoke upon Tern, 1828351.6
SALCold Hatton - John Robert WEBB of, emig to NZ, c1885351.6
SALCold Hatton - John WEBB = Sarah MORRIS 1858351.6
SALCold Hatton - notes and pedigree 1786-1918351.1-2
SALCold Hatton - Robt Webb born 1794 son of John & My (& n67.1+2
SALCold Hatton - WEBBs ran the Seven Stars for 150 years351.6
SALCoreley - Thomas Webb born c.1829, notes to 1879265.1+5
SALDawley - Captain Matthew Webb notes170.26i
SALDawley - Matthew WEBB of, channel swimmer229.92A+B
SALElizabeth WEBB born 1834/5ENQ94
SALHenley - pedigree c.1500-1665G.51
SALHigh Ercall - notes on Webb family of Cold Hatton 19C351.2
SALHighercall - Dan, 33 in 1816, 72nd RegtB02.2
SALIronbridge - Ann Webbey born c.1806 = John FelthamF02.9
SALJohn Chapman Webb - married Mariah Mahoney, 1876 at VICENQ45
SALMuch Wenlock - Mary Webb, writer daughter of Rev Meredi137.146
SALNorth Cleobury - John Blurton Webb Rector of NC 1849-59137.15f
SALNorton - Amie Webb (nee Williams) wife of Charles, diedO3.3
SALQuery re. Family of Capt Matthew WEBB (channel swimmer) ENQ172
SALSheriffhales - Arthur Henry Webb, curate of S 1857-64137.15e
SALShrewsbury - Adam Webb disclaimer at 1664 visitation109.1
SALShrewsbury - Adam Webbe, draper, 1625 (1054)90.92
SALShrewsbury - Charles Webb of Wills Tobacco fl.1890A03.1
SALShrewsbury - Ethel Margaret born 1892 of Wm Henry & Mar275.1
SALShrewsbury - pedigree c.1500-1665G.51
SALShrewsbury School Register 1908-1958 (WEBBs extracted)364.3
SALStoke upon Tern - James WEBB = Mary (May) MATE, 1828351.6
SALThomas - tried at SAL, deserter 98th Regt trans. to TAS137.11e
SALWaters Upton - notes and pedigree 1756-1856351.1-2
SALWellington - James Howard Webb born c1865 son of James137.13c
SALWellington - James, settlement from Birmingham to S 18282.6
SALWellington - notes 1741-1827134.1
SALWellington - pedigree 1901-03130.3
SALWellington - Thomas Webb, innkeeper, bankrupt, 182419.26