The Webb Index - Yorkshire


The Webb One Name Register maintains a computerised index of research details accumulated over the years.  This page lists index entries made prior to February 2005 for Yorkshire, England.

Each item is listed on a separate line, ending with its reference number.  Copies of records can be supplied to Register members for the cost of photocopying and postage.

YKSAbney Low farm - Robert Webb, farmer? c187579.2
YKSAcombe - The manor of A purchased by William Webb 1648137.122
YKSAughton - George Mower Webb, C 1848-52, Vicar 1852-60137.15e
YKSBarnsley - children of Derrick & Barbara Webb born .195300.1
YKSBeverly - Bernard Webb mar. Eliz. Stapilton of YKS, 17519.4
YKSBewholme - MIs 1990C
YKSBrandesburton - MIs 1990C
YKSBrearton - Edgar Alfred Webb, Vicar 1906-39137.15e
YKSBridlington - Frederick & Jane Webb, family, notes 1897151.4-6
YKSBridlington - notes C20151.*
YKSBrompton with Snainton - Horatio Rees Webb Vicar 1872-9137.15f
YKSBrotton - Kilton Lane, MIs 1990C
YKSBurton Pidsea - MIs 1990C
YKSCottingworth - George Mower Webb, C 1848-52, Vicar 1852137.15e
YKSCoultam Redcar - Evelyn WEBB bur 1943137.298
YKSCoultam Redcar - John William WEBB bur 1966137.298
YKSCowton - W.F. Webb, Esq., his crest C19137.141
YKSDeswbury - James Webb, C 1859-66137.15f
YKSDoncaster - Barbara Ann WEBB d. 1995137.456
YKSDoncaster - notes from 1890 (originally from London)350.2
YKSDoncaster - William Henry WEBB = Martha LOCKWOOD 1890350.3
YKSDriffield - MIs 1990C
YKSEcclesfield - Harold Webb born 1901178.1
YKSEskdaleside - Family of Joseph WEBB in 1881 census411.1
YKSEtton - MIs 1990C
YKSFosters Yorkshire pedigrees, nd.19.4
YKSFulford - Ernest Webb of Dover mar. Maude Taylor, 1912307.1
YKSGarforth - Samuel George Mower Webb, C 1873-8137.15g
YKSGarston - MIs 1990C
YKSGreat Horton - George Mower Webb, Vicar 1860-75137.15e
YKSGrosmont - notes written by Elizabeth WEBB, born 1864411.1
YKSHarrogate - Saml Geo Mower Webb of 15 West Cliff Ter ob137.15g
YKSHartshead with Clifton - James Webb, Vicar 1866-76137.15f
YKSHeadingly - Joseph Poulter Webb living at Cardigan Rd 1112.1
YKSHeckmondwike - re George Mower Webb, Vicar 1875-87137.15e
YKSHilston - MIs 1990C
YKSHolme-on-the-Wolds - MIs 1990C
YKSHull - MIs 1990C
YKSHumbleton - MIs 1990C
YKSJames Issac WEBB - Insurance Agent 1895361.1
YKSKeyingham - MIs 1990C
YKSKilnsea - MIs 1990C
YKSKingston upon Hull - Ann Ashard WEBB, formerly of, d. 1996137.475
YKSKirby Hill - St. Peter & St. Felix M.I.s, 1990C
YKSKirk Ella - M.I.s 1990C
YKSKirk-Fenton - Samuel George Mower Webb, Vicar 1903-11137.15g
YKSKnaresborough - Edgar Alfred Webb, C 1904-5137.15e
YKSKnottingley - notes & pedigree late C19104.1
YKSLeeds - John Wesley WEBB, surgeon, d. 1872137.372
YKSLeeds - notes 1875-c1895 when moved to Derby56.*
YKSLeeds - notes on Webb fam 1910-89137.127
YKSLeeds - pedigree 1850-1900?112.1+2
YKSLeeds - Richard Webb, unemployed, sells car for ?14 198137.29
YKSLeeds - Robert Webb Asst Master at Grammar School 1879-137.15g
YKSLeven - MIs 1990C
YKSLong Preston - Edgar Alfred Webb, C 1896-9137.15e
YKSMarske - pedigree c1870+ (from Wells, SOM)177.2
YKSMasham - Edgar Alfred Webb, C 1899-1904137.15e
YKSMiddlesborough - Rev Francis Webb, C 1848-9137.15e
YKSMiddleton Tyas - Blanche M.Webb mar. J.H.Metcalfe, 1942M04.2
YKSMiddleton Tyas - Mary Jane WEBB d. 1973 (MI)137.430
YKSMiddleton Tyas - Russel Thomas WEBB d. 1959 (MI)137.430
YKSMonk Fryston - Jn? Webb worked on railway C20151.1+2
YKSMoor-Monkton - George Harold Webb, C 1903-4137.15e
YKSNew Marske - Elizabeth Ann Webb born 1870 of James & El177.4-9
YKSNew Marske - James Webb ob. 1889 [see .11]177.4-5
YKSNewton Kyme - Samuel George Mower Webb, Rector 1911-12137.15g
YKSNorth Ormesby - cemetry MIs 1985C
YKSNunkeeling - MIs 1990C
YKSPatrington - John Hy Jonas Webb manager of Crown farms137.15f
YKSPontefract - R.McMahon, Plymouth, MI researcher pre1760137.43
YKSPreston - All Saints, MIs 1990C
YKSRachel Webb - Her Life by Irene Megginson 1994G.86
YKSRise - M.I.s 1990C
YKSRoos - Air Street, MIs 1990C
YKSRouth - MIs 1990C
YKSRowley - Horatio Rees Webb, C 1870-2137.15f
YKSRowley - MIs 1990C
YKSSancton - The manor purchased by William Webb 1648 (v1)137.122
YKSSaxton - Samuel George Mower Webb, Vicar 1878-1903137.15g
YKSScarborough - Isaac WEBB -saddler 1895 (or MDX)361.1
YKSScarborough - James Isaac WEBB = Jane Ann SOLLITT, 1895361.001
YKSScarborough - James Isaac WEBB m. Jane Ann SOLLITT 1895361.1
YKSScarthingwell - Samuel George Mower Webb, Vicar 1878-19137.15g
YKSSculcoates - bap 1831-37137.61
YKSSculcoates - burials 1824-37G.42-3
YKSSheffield - S City Bttn 12th (Service) Bttn WWI137.57
YKSSheffield - Samuel George Mower Webb born 1843 son of R137.15g
YKSSheffield Cathedral - Stained glass by Christopher WEBB202.42
YKSSherburne - Rd, 43 in 1823, 5th DGB02.3
YKSSkeffling - MIs 1990C
YKSSouth Kilvington - Rev Francis Webb, C 1850137.15e
YKSSowerby - St. Oswald M.I.s to 1992G.55
YKSSt Germain & St Mark - WEBB burials137.298
YKSSunk Island - MIs 1990C
YKSThorngumbland - MIs 1990C
YKSTunstal - MIs 1990C
YKSWakefield - pedigree 1814-50?112.1+2
YKSWarter - MIs 1990 (No WEBBs)None
YKSWetherby - Samuel George Mower Webb, C 1869-73137.15g
YKSWilton Redcar - Beatrice WEBB bur 1960137.298
YKSWilton Redcar - John WEBB bur 1967137.298
YKSWilton Redcar - Mary Ann WEBB bur 1884137.298
YKSWilton Redcar - William WEBB bur 1881137.298
YKSWinston - St. Andrew M.I.s, 1990C
YKSWold-Newton - John Moss Webb, Rector 1866-74137.15f
YKSWombwell - notes on Webb owning a grocers shop 20C137.127
YKSWoodhouse - George Harold Webb, C 1847-8137.15e
YKSYork - Alan Webb, born 1906 son of Major Thomas F.A. &137.266
YKSYork - City Dispensary 1788-1988, by Katherine A. Webb,137.219
YKSYork - Geoffrey T.G. WEBB d. 1999260.57
YKSYork - Ian Webb manager of "The King's Arms" 1989137.7